Best Proven Lodges for South African Safari.

Best Proven Lodges for South African Safari.

South Africa  is the home for safari.  Here are 5 proven Lodges that will make you think about safari again and again.

For most people that embark on a safari journey, it is more than a day job for them. South Africa is naturally garnished with nature’s beauty and thus the reasons why many embark on Safari journey for different reasons and purposes.  For some it could be for vacation while for others, it could be for picnic, research or even couple who wish to make safari their honeymoon destination.

For any of the reasons above, one thing that you shouldn’t fail to give full time consideration is where to stay while on this journey. It is one thing to think of a safari vacation, and it is another to make adequate preparation on where to Lodge.

As much as we know that you are journeying to a place that is not your home, you still need to experience some level of comfort and relaxation. Some individuals embark on this journey with their wife and children. You therefore need to arrange a place that will give your kids the home- away- from – home kind of experience.

One of the ways you can make your vacation a beautiful memory for your kids, is by providing them with a good safari lodge.

A good safari lodge is an important factor to consider  before you can embark on this journey and make the most out of it.  

To be on a safer  side, when choosing a lodge for safari,  consider lodges that are strategically located in serene,  comfortable with good aesthetics , and closer proximity to these wonderful wildlives. If you really do not want to miss anything, careful choice making for a lodge becomes very crucial.

If you are already getting overwhelmed as to what lodge you should consider, not to worry as we have made a list of 5 lodges that are considered perfect lodges for your Safari vacation.

List of 5 Lodges for Safari vacation.

It is important to know that your choice of lodge should be based on a lot of factors like; Affordability, location, wildlives attractions, and the rest.

Consider any of the following lodges during your next vacation;

  1. Madikwe game reserve.

What lodge can be more perfect than the Madikwe game reserve.  At Madikwe, everything that makes for a good lodge is readily available there.  Madikwe game reserve is the fifth largest game reserve and is also one of the lesser known parks in south Africa.

Madikwe is one good conservation area in Africa.  It provides you good luxurious lodges as well as community lodges in a malaria free zone. We highly recommend this type of lodge especially when you are on a family vacation with  kids as you don’t want them to fall sick as a result of mosquito bites. If you do not want such to occur, then you have got to book a lodge with Madikwe.

The lodge is situated against the Botswana border close to the Kalahari desert.  From Johannesburg it is a 3.5 hours drive.

2. Kruger national park.

Kruger national park provides the best lodges for any form of safari experience.  One good thing about kruger  is that they own their Lodges, they also own their fleet of air conditioned buses that take you out and bring you home  after each safari day.

In Kruger,  vehicles are sufficient for game viewings and provide you with an experience  of walking in the bush alongside the big five in South Africa.  As  a matter of fact, We have come to the conclusion that Kruger is simply unique.

3. Sabi sand game reserve.

Let’s tell you little about the sabi sand- The sabi sand  game reserve is a 65,000 hectare game reserve , pioneered by local landowners in the 1960’s,  and shares a border with the beautiful  renowned Kruger national park.

Sabi sand is a nice place to visit due to its closer proximity with the big five, commonly the leopard. One of the major things that hunters and travellers are in high expectations to see is the big five famous in South Africa.

Sabi sand specializes in providing you with multiple daily flights,  making  it possible for people from different parts of the world to tour.

4. Pilanesberg National Park.

It is very convenient to reach this park as it is Just three hours from the large city of Johannesburg. 

We refer to this lodge as  “the nest for African wildlife”.  This  is because wildlives hover around the lodge just like ants revolve around sugar. This is due to the availability  of open bushveld and indigenous  forests, attracting  over 300 bird species.  Simply put, pilanesberg is perfect for big game hunting.

For those of you that have the intention of hunting while on safari, then this particular lodge is for you as you will be in close interaction with these games.

5. Lukimbi Safari lodge.

The lukimbi safari lodge is simply luxury and comfort redefined. The lodge is embodied with interesting features such as; An outdoor pool,  fitness center, and a good restaurant.  It provides free WiFi in public areas with free valet parking.

Lukimbi provided a spacious conference centre,  a complimentary children’s club.  Infact,  lukimbi is not just a lodge for safari,  but suitable for honeymoon,  children’s vacation,  as well as whole family  vacation.  The lodge is highly educational.  So,  we recommend highly for families who wish a vacation that is educational.  One time visit will convince you and make lukimbi your favorite place.

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