Best insect repellents for Safari.

Best insect repellents for Safari.

The Best way to define African safari is to start by seeing it as a beautiful memory.

Journey to South Africa is one that you cannot forget. Whether you are embarking alone, family vacation, or for hunting expeditions, it is surely going to be a great memory.

If you are getting ready for  Africa  Safari, and you have already filled your backpacks with everything  you need for Safari, ranging from boots, binoculars, riffles, clothes or jackets,  camped etc, and you are still wondering what is left.

Here is one minor but yet inevitable thing you are leaving behind.  It is so significant  that it saves you some form of discomfort  and illnesses ranging from malaria,  Lyme disease,  dengue fever etc.  That one thing is an insect repellent, commonly called Bug spray.

You wouldn’t want Malaria to be the reason why you are distracted from your adventure trip. 

It is a very common encounter that some people who embark on safari journeys are usually infected with malaria. The wood is full of insects including malaria.

It therefore becomes a necessity to get bug spray or insect repellent as you are ready to embark. 

Insect repellent is so important  because it protects you from insects, bugs and ant bites while in the woods. The best way to use an insect repellent  is to apply it on the skin,  cloth or any surface around you in a mild quantity  to scare bugs and insects away.

Note that due to the harsh chemical content, not all insect repellents are to be applied directly to the skin. They are best sprayed on surfaces, especially cloth materials.

Knowing fully well that the wood is the home for insects and you will never fail to encounter them.  So,  to conquer them,  you need a powerful repellent  to  ensure maximum concentration during your safari adventure.

Quickly,  let’s look at the 7 guaranteed repellents that have proven powerful, standing the test of time for both last year and this year following  consumer feedback.

1.Jungle Formula- 

The repellent comes with  50% DEET and it comes in a portable  spray that’s easy to carry around as you tour round the wood. 

If you are considering something that won’t be harmful for kids, say above six years old, then this repellent should be your best option.

2. RID Tropical Insect Repellent-

This Australian produced repellent is considered one of the best on the market. It’s safe to spray directly onto your skin and clothing and it repels all flying insects. It comes in both spray and roll-on form.

3.  Deep Wood Dry insect Repellent VIII.

This one has always been the best of all. The repellent was 2018 best, and also in the topmost list for the 2019 powerful repellents.  This repellent stressless kills mosquitoes,  ticks,  biting flies,  chiggers and gnats.

Due to the powerful nature of this product,  we highly recommend  it.  All you need is a mild spray on the cloth Or skin.

4. Repel plant-based lemon Eucalyptus. 

This wonderful product is strong, powerful  and reliable. Unlike some other repellents, it comes with a good scent , making it more friendly and mild for anyone to use. Though,  spraying lavishly is discouraged.

This is just more than a repellent. It chases every form of bug that you might encounter in the woods.

The repel plant is one of the best repellents for the year 2019, till date, we still recommend this to be a choice for you as you plan your Safari journey.

5. Ben’s 30% Deet insect repellent spray. 

Not underestimating this one,  this is a powerful insect repellent. It contains 30% deet, making it powerful for it to repel any insect at all.  Due to the deet content, it is advisable that you apply mildly.

This product is highly recommended and trusted.  It’s available on Amazon and has a 4.5% rating on Amazon.

With Ben’s 30% deet spray,  you are sure to be free from Insects and wood bugs.

6. Coleman 25% deet dry formula. 

The product, just like Ben’s 30% repellent, is also good and reliable.

This insect repellent is powerful and works wonders in eliminating insects far away from you while in the woods and even at home.  This product is also available  with Amazon.

7. Total HomeTM Woodland Scent insect  Repellent. 

The total hometm woodland scent repellent  is one good repellent that can  be used during hunting. 

This repellent  can be applied on the skin, cloth or any surface.  It prevents insects from coming closer.  This one is available  on Amazon.

It is very affordable and can be used anywhere both at home and in the woods.

8. Natrapel 8-hour insect repellent-

This is another repellent that’s safe to use on your skin. That’s because the product is totally DEET free and uses a Picaridin formula instead.

Netrapel 8-hour insect repellent Protects  you from Zika and other insect-borne diseases. With the new Netrapel 12 hours repellent,  you are sure to have up to 12 hours of protection for the whole day.

This product is available at the Amazon stores.

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