7 Handguns Perfect For Hunting Small games and Trails.

 7 Handguns Perfect For Hunting Small games and Trails.

Every form of outdoor journey, trail, and/or adventure, especially one that will need you to walk through the jungles, requires you to do so with careful preparation, and one of such preparations is to embark with a trail gun.

If you are a regular jungle walker, you will realize that the jungle is full of wild animals. Majority of those animals often pose like threats, and to conquer them, you need a handgun to eliminate them while you tour the jungle.

By trail guns, we mean firearms that are portable that can be carried with you during jungle walks.

Handguns serve a series of purposes in the jungle, sometimes for defense or for hunting down an encountered small game.

A real jungle walker knows that these hunted animals can serve him the purpose of meat or food as he can quickly make fire and roast the hunted animal for the purpose of consumption.

The kind of adventure you intend to embark on, determines your choice of firearm. If you are on a trail for the purpose of small game hunting, there won’t be any need for you to carry heavy weight firearms with you—A trailgun will do.

From market research and rigorous hunting experiences from outdoor men and hunters, we have here listed firearms, best for your outdoor work. 

You can carefully make your choice from these lists of seven;

1.Ruger Wrangler.22LR.

If you are considering durability, portability, technicality, and of course, cost. We therefore recommend the Ruger Wrangler.22LR.

Ruger Wrangler becomes a perfect for someone who has a low budget as this one is very cheap and affordable yet serving its purpose.

This firearm has a close similarity  with the Ruger single six with its cold-hammer-forged barrel and transfer bar safety.

Wrangler has a durable cerakote finish to fight the elements. 

This handgun is being manufactured in different colours,from black, silver, and burnt bronze. 

The price is about $249, which is half the price of the Ruger single six.

The Ruger Wrangler is a single-action rimfire revolver produced by the Ruger company in 2019. Its barrel length is 4.62 inches (117mm) and the cartridge is a .22long rifle.

2.Lipsey’s Exclusive Ruger single seven .327 federal magnum.

This is a typical versatile and powerful trail gun.This firearm, fires five different kinds of cartridges; 32 ACP, .32 short,.32 long,.32H&R magnum, and .327federal magnum, allowing you to match the power level of your handgun to your target.

The Ruger single seven is lighter than any average single seven action with its aluminum frame coating. Its price is about $629 currently in the market.

The single seven was originally offered in stainless steel, with 45/8, 5  1/2-, or 7 ½- inch barrels.

Outdoor men discovered that the Ruger single seven has all you can ever ask for when it comes to versatility that can be achieved in a compact, lightweight revolver that could fire five cartridges-.32 Auto, .32 short, .32 H&R and .327 federal magnum – out of the same cylinder without hindrances.

3. Glock G20SF 310mm.

For adventurers, while trailing, one thing in their mind is defence and to kill small games that may come their way during their journey. Glocks G20SF, is sure to offer you adequate protection and guarantees you a kill of any game you might encounter out there in the woods.

This firearm offers a great balance of portability, power, and concealment. Its beauty lies on its new short frame that allows the gun to fit smaller hands, increasing proper control.

The firearm holds 15+1 rounds of 10mm ammunition, and its price is about $569.99.

Additional features;

Caliber:10mm auto.

System: Safe action

Magnum capacity:15

Length: 117mm/4.61inch

Weight without magazine:775g(27.3402)

Weight when loaded:1125g(39.68oz).

Trigger pull: 28N.

4.Bond Arms Snake Slayer .45colt/410.

A productive trail starts from making the right choices of ammunition.  Bond Arms Snake Slayer .45colt/410  is what you need to eliminate dangerous wild lives. 

While on trail, your handgun need might just be for simple riffraffs that you might encounter on your way. Either at a trailhead or river access points. 

If your need is a firearm that can kill lizard, snakes and the likes, with a two-shot compact that can fire .45 Colt or .410 shot-shells, the Bond Arms Snake Slayer is for that duty. You can purchase it at the price of about $603.

5. Ruger Mark Iv.

This is an ideal lightweight rimfire pistol. It is simple to handle, and a one-button take down. It has a caliber of 22LR, and its capacity is about 10+1. 

The Ruger Mark IV is a thread barrel that costs $559. It further features a lightweight, ventilated, aerospace-grade aluminum and a tensioned stainless steel barrel, plus its 10 round magazine.

6.Smith and Wesson 648.

The Smith and Wesson 648 firearm traces its lineage back to the original model 48 that debuted in the late 1950s. This firearm offers its old/new rimfire revolver in a single configuration: six inch barrel, full underlug and an eight round cylinder.

It came with an adjustable black notch rear sight and a partridge-style rectangular front post that is ⅛ inch wide and black.

The overall weight of this gun is over 46 ounces, which makes it heavier than your average full size 1911. Its full length is about 5.5 inches, and the cylinder is just under 1.5 inches wide. The price of this particular firearm is $705.

7.Browning 1912-22 A1 compact. 22LR.

For trail men, a .22L firearm is the best trail gun. The Browning 1911-22 A1 falls among the Handguns that are light and easier to carry. It is 85 percent the size of a .45 1911 commander. It is so portable that you can easily insert it into your Jean pocket. It weighs just 15 ounces, though, it possesses all the features of a classic 1911, including a grip and thumb safety. 

The Browning is a handgun with high accuracy. Its accuracy is enough to target the head of a jackrabbit or rattlesnakes. We doubt if any firearm can beat this in terms of accuracy and portability.  

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