7 experiences that will keep you going on a Tanzanian Safari.

7 experiences that will keep you going on a Tanzanian Safari.

Safari journeys come with a lot of thrilling experiences no doubt, but it is important to spot these places that will leave you with  such wonderful  feelings.

There  are lots of beautiful places to check out while on a Tanzanian Safari. 

It is important to know where to visit while on this journey to make the experience worthwhile.

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful places you can ever visit when it comes to attractions and nature beauties.

While in the woods, so many people get overwhelmed and thus, get confused on what to do when on safari.

Don’t be too worried as we have brought you places you can actually visit while on a Tanzanian Safari. With these lists of what to do and where to go on the journey, we believe that your journey will leave you with wonderful memories.

Doing all of these on our list, is a good way to get full satisfaction on your Tanzanian journey

Spot The Big Five. 

As simple as this sounds, spotting the big fives is one thing you can’t afford to miss while on a safari vacation.

Spotting the big fives leaves you with a thrilling feeling that one will ever have memory of.

If you are a real lover of wildlives, then we highly recommend seeing the big five while on an African Safari.

One best place you can easily capture the big five is the Serengeti Ngorongoro.

In Africa, the Big Five game animals are the lion, leopard, rhinoceros (both south-central black and southern white species), elephant, and Cape buffalo. The term was coined by big-game hunters, and refers to the five most difficult animals in Africa, and one of the best experiences you can get while on a Tanzanian Safari.

2. Birdwatching.

If you are running out of ideas on what to do while on Safari, consider birdwatching. In the woods, one pleasant thing you can’t afford to miss, is going for birdwatch. 

Africa in its beauty has about 4000 species of birds that you would love to see.

Consider seeing this beautiful species of nature.

Going birdwatching  is one interesting thing you should do, especially when you are on this trip with your family.

You really need to know that children really love birds and they enjoy seeing them fly. So, to make the most of  that safari trip, take those children for bird watching.

3. See a Hippo pool:  

seeing  the hippos slosh about in the water can be an interesting one . If you really do not know what to do while on safari, then go see the hippos bath in the water.

Serengeti is one wonderful place where you can watch these wonderful creatures slosh in their masses. It is surely a wonderful feeling that you cannot afford to miss.

4. See a Sausage Tree.

The Sausage tree is also known as the Kigelia Africana. It is so called because of its long fruit that dangles from the branches which look similar to sausage.

Seeing this tree makes one know how beautiful nature really is.

Nature is indeed beautiful,and one wonderful way to enjoy your safari trip is to go with good cameras to capture beautiful sights for future references and for history.

5. Go see a blue balled Monkey.

Nature in its diversity and creativity has a lot to offer you on every trip. One of such creative things you need to see, is a blue balled monkey. Have you seen a blue balled monkey?, If your answer is no, then your visit to Tanzania has such offer for you.  

It’s a nice experience to see nature in its diversity. 

6. See Clusters Of Zebra.

Just as unity can exist in human, so does it exist in animals. One of such animals that can demonstrate unity is the zebra.

If you have not seen animals cluster in mass, then you need to see that in zebra as they love to cluster in mass. The best place you can spot that is the Serengeti Ngorongoro park. These zebras cluster like people hugging each other.

7. Experience the Maasai Tribe Welcome Dance.

Weather you have heard of the massai tribe dance or not, you just have to know that  it is indeed real.

It is a traditional dance carried out by 

Tanzanian women to welcome strangers  into the wood.

What can be more interesting like the massai tribal dance. If you are on a Tanzanian Safari, and you have not witnessed such, then you are missing a lot. As much as you can while on a safari, ensure you experience the maasai dance of the Tanzania women.

If there are no cultures that the massai people hold with high regards, then it is the massai dance. Tanzanians hold high regard for cultures and tradition to mark special events. 

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