7 Apparels Guide For Safari.

7 Apparels Guide For Safari.

” Dress for it”, is a slogan that suggests that, for any form of adventure, there is always a dress style for it. In other words, there is always a dress code for any form of movement.

Same is applicable to safari adventures. This is because safari  is not  just like a Christmas holiday, picnic, or valentine celebration. It is a vacation or adventure that is unique in it’s own way, and as such, there are Apparels that you need while you plan to embark on this journey.

A Lot of people tour South Africa for different purposes, and live with a lot of good memories and stories to share with others who haven’t been there before.

If you are a new  tourist who is planning on  visiting South Africa for it’s fun expeditions, It will therefore be necessary for them to take note on what to wear. 

Safari is not a journey of fashion. You do not take just anything you have on your wardrobe for safari. If you make a casual preparation for safari, you will regret the journey. 

To be on a safer side, do not make your preparation fanciful as it does not require such. It is actually a jungle work, and you require apparels that are harsh to withstand the toughness of the wood.

Here in this article, we want to make it a little easier for you by listing out some of the apparels that you will need for Safari.

1.Dress to match.

By this, we mean that you should wear colours that are neutral, more especially, greens or khaki to avoid unnecessary attention to yourself. Colourful dress is a no. This is because wildlives will be so sensitive to run away even before you get close.

For Safari, clothes that can promote camouflage are the best to go for. A dress that will have its colour match with the wood is what you really need.

2. Light Breathable Dress.

It is advisable that when making a choice of dress, go for  light dresses. Going for a light breathable dress is ideal for Safari.

The reason why we recommend light breathable dress is because it does not constitute noise and sounds while hunting. You wouldn’t want any dress that will generate noise that will chase away your game in hunt.

No hunter wants to chase wildlives away with their  noisy apparel. And so, we recommend you to go for light-weight dresses.

3. Combat is a perfect style for you.

It is not new for anyone to hear that the wood is rough and tough. Owing to that fact, we say we should go for combat trousers. Not only is combat able to withstand the wood, it comes with multiple pockets that can be used for carrying your binoculars and other things with you.

Combats are really perfect because the wood is a tough place that you can’t tour with clothes that aren’t strong. A combat will really serve the purpose of combating the tough and rough nature of the wood.

4. Hats.

Sun hats are equally useful. The major reason for the sun hat is to protect yourself from the scourging sun. The ultraviolet rays of the sun are actually harmful. To avoid the direct rays of the sun, we advise you go with a sun hat especially during afternoon hiking.

Do not forget to go for sun hats that have a good UPF rating, so that you can have your neck, head and face properly covered.

5. A Jacket will be useful.

You can’t afford to roam the woods at all times without having a jacket with you. It is a very common thing for the temperature to fluctuate, and when it becomes cold, your jacket becomes a remedy.

There can be weather changes at any point in time depending on where you are. To be on a safer side, ensure you carry a jacket with you.

It has been observed to be cool in the morning hours, hot in the afternoons, and cold at night. It is therefore advisable that you carry your jacket with you during evening touring.

6. Swimsuit. 

Safari sometimes can be all for fun, ranging from hiking, bird watching and the likes.  If you are also lucky to have found yourself in a lodge that has a swimming pool, and you are a lover of such, a swim suit will therefore be necessary.

7. Sunglasses.

Ray’s from the sun alone can disrupt your target. Rays from the sun can be very harmful on the skin too. Sometimes, sun rays can come directly to the eyes. This might actually interfere with your daily activities. To conquer such, a good sunglass that will shield you from the sun will be useful.

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