“Na God Dey Save” – Popular Nigerian Blogger expresses his thanks to God, as he was saved from fire outburst

popular Nigerian Blogger, Identified as Darlington Emeagha and CEO of Darlingnaija took to social Media to thank God for escaping a fire outburst in his apartment yesterday being Monday.

According to the blogger, he said his fuel rubber can, has a linkage and he was trying to patch it up using the Manuel patching method that involves the use of fire.

According to him, he said the moment he tried using fire to patch up the rubber can that has linkage, fire exploded on his face and for him, he was thinking his face has gone all burnt. But according to him, he said he rushed into the bathroom to wash his face, thinking it has been destroyed with fire but surprisingly as he said, his face was unhurt after taking a glance at the mirror.

For him this left him in joyful and surprising state as well, believing that miracle do exist.

image of the rubber can below;

In his statement, he later expressed his thanks to God for the Miracle by saying ” Na God dey save”

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