How To Look Beautiful With African Tribal Braids

African Tribal Braids

Tribal braids have their roots in Africa and feature many different braiding techniques and styles. Traditionally, braided hairstyles were a way to communicate status, age, relationships, etc. Today, tribal braids aim to recognize heritage while showing off your personality and styles.

  • Fulani Braids
  • Middle Tribal Braids

One of the most popular tribal braiding styles, Fulani braids, originate from the Peul people of West Africa. The signature part of the style is a central braid or twist at the crown of the head, which is traditionally decorated with rings and beads. It comes with thin to medium side braids, which can be left loose or braided into a ‘do’. Versatile and vibrant, it’s no wonder that Fulani braids are so popular today.

Middle part tribal braids, like other middle-part hairstyles, suit round and oval face shapes. That’s because the eye is drawn to the center of your face by the parting, while the long braids work similarly to long bangs or layers, slimming your face and making it seem longer. Middle-part tribal braids look laidback yet mysterious, with an edgy vibe.

  • Side Part Tribal Braids

Side parted hairstyles suit square and diamond face shapes. That is because the side parting draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones while showing off your angular jaw. When combined with tribal braids, a side parting creates a soft and feminine look. It pairs perfectly with thicker styles, such as goddess braids

  • Jumbo Tribal Braids

For a hairstyle that always stands out, try jumbo tribal braids. A form of box braids, jumbo tribal braids are much thicker than other styles and usually require extra hair extensions to be used to get their signature oversized effect. As important as the size of the braids is the way your hair is parted when putting them in. Different patterns can be created this way, while rings, hair cuffs, and beads are added to give the jumbo braids a unique tribal look.

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