“Our members are now being recruited by private universities- ASUU

The president of the Union of Academic Staff of Universities, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi, revealed on Thursday (November 19) that private universities are currently recruiting some of its members due to the failure of the federal government to meet its demands amid a strike in course that has been going on for months.

Ogunyemi reiterated that the government cannot threaten university professors with legal action.

He said;

“Talking about options, whether they want to go to court and intimidate the union to surrender. You don’t do that with scholars, no country has ever survived it because we have options too.
“We talk about brain-drain now, I can tell you authoritatively that within the last two months, 25 scholars in the North-East have been harvested by this university in Yola. We know the owner. That is how it is happening, the private universities are poaching the public universities now because they can only thrive when the public universities crumble.
“We are also aware that some few months back, Ethiopia came to Nigeria, and harvested as many as 200 professors and they are still looking for more. I don’t know if the government wants their appointees to start teaching the students. Of course, many of them don’t have their children in public universities, that is why they cannot feel it. Our scholars are our national assets and we should not allow them to be decimated.”

Ogunyemi further said the ASUU would resist any attempt by the federal government to lengthen the process of integrity testing the software of the academic transparency and accountability solution they have proposed, the Minister of the Government said. Work and Employment, Chris Ngige commented that the integrity test performed on UTAS would take a week if the government “is conscientious about the process”.

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