Man jailed for bursting a condom with needle before having sex with a woman

A man has been jailed for rape after piercing a condom before having sex with a woman.

Andrew Lewis, 47, used a pin to cut a hole in the contraceptive to deceive the victim on March 10, 2018, a court has heard.

The train conductor was sentenced to four years in Worcester Crown Court on October 2 after admitting to the rape in an earlier hearing.

Glyn Samuel, prosecuting, said the woman found the pin and other condoms pierced during a bedside draw. She checked the used condom in the trash and saw the hole.

The woman described the act as “pure evil” to police later in the year.

Mr Samuel said: “He told the police that he had hoped the condom would come apart and that it would improve privacy.

“He said it was the dumbest thing he had ever done. In piercing the condom first, there was a certain degree of planning.”

Mr. Samuel added that there was little case law to help Judge Nicholas Cole with the sentence.

Lynette McClement, defending, said Lewis, of Worcester, wanted to enhance privacy, not get the woman pregnant.

Ms McClement said: “She had every right to choose her form of contraception. He had hoped she would tear, and as a result she would change her mind. This is an unusual case.”

Sentencing him, Judge Cole said the woman made it clear that she did not want a baby.

She had given consent as long as Lewis was wearing the condom, so it was a devious act.

The judge said: “It was a breach of trust. The offense of rape is so serious that a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

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