BBNaija 2020 Updates: Six Things Going On In The Big Brother Nigeria Show

Big brother Naija lockdown to some persons is said to be the best so far since the Bisola’s season.

Its no astonishment that some persons who never loved the Show earlier are now 100% into it.

  • Lilo And Eric

The day you try to force yourself on a guy is the day you lose value as a woman.

Lilo is beautiful, one of the distinguished Ladies in the House. When she initially got into the house, she had the vibe and charm that hinted that she would probably win the Cash. She even went viral on Twitter!

  • Nengi And Ozo

Ozo told the house of his naivety in ‘lady subject’.

He was the gut who never gave ladies awareness during his schooltime, concentrating on his studies and receiving good grades.

Ozo, however, is into Nengi, but she has made it clear that she has someone outside.

Ozo is friends with Dora, Erica, two cute ladies who everyone expects him to pick.

But still, Ozo has been more focused on Nengi.

  • Praise and Ka3na togetherness

Their is continuously that person who is married or involved in the Big Brother Naija show.

This time Praise is a married man , sleeping with an ex- married lady, Ka3na.

What would his partner say?

It is a disappointing move from him.

  • Erica And Kiddwaya

Erica seems not to be aware strength in the house. Initially, Kiddwaya has been trying to confuse her, and she was so forced on getting the winning price.

Perhaps Kiddwaya would offer her 85 million after the show, but to be honest, things that come easy are not free.

Erica needs to focus on her game, being decently, and winning the money rather than running around kissing Kiddwaya.

  • Nengi’s pride

Nengi has a syndrome that is also related to Kim Oprah, a previous housemate in the Big Brother Nigeria show last year and that syndrome is called – I need attention syndrome.

It is a characteristics that causes you to feel so elegant and above, everyone likes you.

Nengi is riding Ozo, who has shown sign of being naive. She is riding price too.

She attempted to ride Kiddwaya but Kiddwaya is rather too smart.

  • Current Birthday celebration for Prince

A cake just arrived at the house, meant for Prince.

These are the six exciting things that have been happening in the Big Brother Nigeria show.

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